Saturday, March 30, 2013

Top Spring Trends


Try to look past that last bit of unexpected frost most of the nation has experienced and on the other end you will see spring! Yes it is right around the corner. As we embark on this time of year where we experience longer days, balmy evenings, and the shedding of winter layers. Cozy sweaters begin to resemble constricting chrysalis from which we seek escape. Our toes dream of playing peek- a- boo in a cute pair of peep toe pumps, knees and elbows long to make a guest appearance in our daily wardrobe choices once again. Luckily for you and I one of my favorite retailers is offering a variety of on trend items at a very affordable price.  Let’s have a look at ZARA’s interpretations of this spring’s trends.


Bold Graphic Mixing
This would be considered a micro-trend.  It has a very short lifespan. I would recommend investing the least in this trend. It will definitely read dated within a season or two.  If you are a fashion forward type of gal it is a fun way to stay ahead of the crowd as it is not for the faint of heart.


Color Blocking

Color Blocking is a trend that has been returning for the last couple of seasons. Black is a great color option when color blocking because it ups the chic factor and allows it to correlate with a basic wardrobe and will provide the ability to mix and match with current wardrobe basics.Pairing black and white color block garments with brighter more traditional spring colors can add yet another layer of color blocking and showcase your personal style.  I would recommend spending a little more on this trend if it speaks to you. I do feel it will a trend that posses staying power.

A staple feminine design detail showed up in a big way in this Spring's designer collections. GUCCI showed a variety of oversized ruffle sleeves in their collection.   Zara has made this trend very wearable with a few ruffle additions to sleeves and hemlines. I know these looks will fit very comfortably into anyones closet

Asian Influence
Add a little something to your world by taking your normal spring florals a step further…. Add Asian influence to the mix. Oriental prints are a fresh way to push past your comfort zone and yet stay comfort adjacent.
Subtle sexy is the name of the game with this trend. The illusion of skin is a lot sexier than viewing the obvious chunks of flesh we are so often bombarded with in our present culture. Strategically placed sheer panels allow one to project a youthful image with out the fear of coming across as trashy.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wardrobe Essentials part 2 : Investment Handbag

I would argue to say in our culture the handbag becomes an extension of many women’s arm right around junior high going into high school. It is an essential element to every woman’s look.   I have felt naked if I make it out of the house without a handbag.  Given its importance it’s only natural to want to select the best your money can buy when choosing this daily companion.  

The purchase of a bag that makes your heart skip a beat every time you look at it is very very possible if you keep a few things in mind

We are looking for a bag that can be worn with almost everything in your wardrobe. This bag should enhance every outfit you wear it with. The selection of a classic silhouette and neutral color will ensure your handbag is a long term member of your wardrobe and with care will last for years even decades depending on the bag. The selection of a Designer bag will ensure it retains its retail value over time in order to provide the most ROI.

Use the price per wear calculations way of thinking. I have fallen victim to the “Its only blank dollars” or “This handbag is on sale” While it may have seemed like a deal at the time I also got what I paid for in regards to quality. Not to mention being faced with the chore of purchasing a new sub par handbag every year.  Once you have cultivated a collection of neutral classic designer handbags you will be able to purchase a trendy “ on sale “ bag from time to time with little consideration of its long term use because it will then be a great purchase based on the same price per use calculations

Now lets say you invest 500.00 into your dream  designer bag and you wear it 5 days a week for six months because it’s a perfect fall/winter bag.

 So you wear this fab new bag 5 days a week , there are  4 weeks in a month

 5x4 = 20 days   20 days each month You are going to wear it for 6 months

20x6 = 120 wears in 6months.

 The cost comes out to be $4.70 per wear and you’ve only worn it for 6 months. And you absolutely LOVE the bag.

You can store it safely in your closet and take it out and wear it for at least 5 or 6 more fall/winters  or you can resell it and get close to the price you paid for it.

Now lets have a look at the bargain trendy bag I found on sale. Given my history, I will probably only wear the trendy sale handbag say 5 times.  The sale price is $45.00 and I wear it 3 times this year and 2 times next year that is a 7.50 price per wear. Which in theory is a higher cost per wear than the gorgeous designer bag that you were apprehensive about paying such a large lump sum for.  

 Now that we have taken a look at the numbers what are we looking for in this bag?

 A luxury handbag made by a top designer. Why?

The quality that you will receive from a top designer should directly correlate with the price range for which you are looking to pay.

·         Great quality leather is buttery soft and  has a distinctive scent

·         Impeccable stitching, heavy duty thread, no puckering or loose strings

·         Heavy hardware, no plastic zippers all fixtures should be smooth as to avoid clothing snags

·         Metal feet on the underside of the handbag to protect the leather

·         Lining should be made of quality material if patterned the print should match at all seams.  

By doing a little research and taking your time you can make an informed purchase decision and score that  designer bag you really want.

I do not however condone using the price per wear logic to incur debt, or purchase every expensive item your hear desires but I do believe everyone should have access to the best quality wardrobe items her money can buy.  

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Monday

I have decided to add a weekly motivational message to the blog. I often read encouraging and inspirational material and I find it very helpful. I hope that this feature does the same for you guys.
Happy Monday All.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Haute Finds: Goodbye Present

When faced with the challenge of saying goodbye to one of my dear friends and mentors  the dilemma of finding the appropriate gift presented itself. What do you give as a gift that expresses your love but still has a cool factor? She’s definitely a HauteTrenta. As a 30 something mom, business owner, coaches wife,  and mentor. Did I mention she manages to execute all of these roles flawlessly? That being said she has more than earned a fab gift just for her.

 So what did I want from this gift?
1. Something that appeals to her sense of style,

2. Something that wont appeal to the kiddies or hubby (in order for said gift to remain untarnished)

3. Something to will simplify her busy life

4. Something to celebrate this next chapter of life

This led me on a fabulous adventure through the blogsphere as I uncovered so many cool finds.

Here are a few Haute Gift ideas for the special someones in your life

1. Found this adorable Dachshund umbrella which would have been perfect for my friend who has had her dachshund Copper since college. I ended up purchasing an affirmation journal similar to 2.Rock the Cabash trio notebooks for my friend as she has taught me the importance of writing goals and speaking positively of my dreams and aspirations. 3. As I am a notorious accidental pen thief i love this stylish set of 14 pens, their unique look ensure the borrower will not be able to mistake them as his or her own. 4. No creative Haute Trenta business woman is complete without a detailed business accessory this cute Kate Spade "lets do lunch" business card holder does the trick. Every wine lover can appreciate these 5. highstreet agate set of 4 gold leaf coasters, this 6. sleek wine decanter, or 7. A lovely wine glass collection. You also have the fun of glam desk accessories 8. Gold acrylic stapler and 9. You can even have fun posting bills and to-do list when using this mineral magnet set.