Thursday, March 7, 2013

Haute Finds: Goodbye Present

When faced with the challenge of saying goodbye to one of my dear friends and mentors  the dilemma of finding the appropriate gift presented itself. What do you give as a gift that expresses your love but still has a cool factor? She’s definitely a HauteTrenta. As a 30 something mom, business owner, coaches wife,  and mentor. Did I mention she manages to execute all of these roles flawlessly? That being said she has more than earned a fab gift just for her.

 So what did I want from this gift?
1. Something that appeals to her sense of style,

2. Something that wont appeal to the kiddies or hubby (in order for said gift to remain untarnished)

3. Something to will simplify her busy life

4. Something to celebrate this next chapter of life

This led me on a fabulous adventure through the blogsphere as I uncovered so many cool finds.

Here are a few Haute Gift ideas for the special someones in your life

1. Found this adorable Dachshund umbrella which would have been perfect for my friend who has had her dachshund Copper since college. I ended up purchasing an affirmation journal similar to 2.Rock the Cabash trio notebooks for my friend as she has taught me the importance of writing goals and speaking positively of my dreams and aspirations. 3. As I am a notorious accidental pen thief i love this stylish set of 14 pens, their unique look ensure the borrower will not be able to mistake them as his or her own. 4. No creative Haute Trenta business woman is complete without a detailed business accessory this cute Kate Spade "lets do lunch" business card holder does the trick. Every wine lover can appreciate these 5. highstreet agate set of 4 gold leaf coasters, this 6. sleek wine decanter, or 7. A lovely wine glass collection. You also have the fun of glam desk accessories 8. Gold acrylic stapler and 9. You can even have fun posting bills and to-do list when using this mineral magnet set.


  1. Your comment made my day! Thank you! Love the red wine bottle. Would you like to follow each other through bloglovin?

  2. I am super positive that this friend was overjoyed with this wonderful choice of gift. I am not sure which is more exciting for me, the gift or actually reading this blog.
    thank you so much for being a great friend and wonderfully made woman. Please send me your address so I can send you a proper southern thank you note.