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Everyday Haute Trenta Q&A : Nanci Zabko of Brazen Design Group


I had a chance to catch up with Nanci a few weeks before she presented her Eco Friendly Jewelry line Brazen Designs at Savannah's Independent Designers Fashion Show during Savannah Fashion Week 2013. We sat down over coffee as she agreed to answer a few questions about herself and her line in the hopes of inspiring and empowering. Here is what she shared.

Q. Antique to Chic is a great motto. Do you gravitate to antiques in other areas of your life as far as furnishing and clothes?

A. I am actually drawn to the Recycling/repurposing aspect, upcycle. Taking trash and making it treasure.

Q. What is your favorite fashion era and why?

A. The 80's was my favorite decade. It was fun, the music, the clothing, the big hair, the jewelry, and neon colors I loved it all. I am a proud 80's baby.

(kaiteland with nine23 photography)

Q. There has been a layering trend around for the last couple of seasons, can you provide us with suggestions on how to successfully pull off this look?
A. I would suggest that ladies feel free to couple long and short. Take a short choker and wear it with couple of long pendants, pile on your favorite bracelets at night. Just have fun and go for it!
Nanci with models wearing her designs
Q. You have been designing for three years now, What was your inspiration for this collection?
A. This collection is an Alter ego collection, a part of me that is darker, rock and roll edgier, that’s whats coming out, bullets, guitar picks, but still pretty, the dichotomy of edgy vs pretty dirty pretty. The leather and lace take on things. I would say the best of both worlds.
Q. What are some of your favorite jewelry lines?
A. Betsey JohnsonJuicy Couture Charms, Jami Rodriguez, (she was a designer featured in Sex and The City The Movie), Jules, Dirty Librarian Chains .
Q. We here at Haute Trenta are all about empowering and inspiring while providing actual tools for women to live their live in a Haute manner. Can you share with us where you started? Were you always a entrepreneur?
A. Yes my first college major was fashion, but i went into accounting. I lacked the drive, confidence, or motivation to go after it. But now coupled with my business knowledge I am that much more prepared to have a successful business.
Q. What are some of the most valuable lessons you are learning during this process of growing your business?
A. I am experiencing a lot. Personal growth, confidence, greater friendships, memories, trips,  I have learned that my husband Nick's support was influential in allowing me to flourish. I am mastering team work and collaboration while working with my co-founder Virginia. I am so lucky to work with her. I understand the value of a strong team. She sees things that I don't and vice versa.
Q. In sticking with the theme of highlighting those of us on the sunny side of thirty can you share how reaching this milestone has changed you for the better?
A. Once again the confidence that comes with age. I've learned that everything is within your reach. I have developed a lesser fear of trying and failing. My negative self talk has been pushed to the back. Now on the downside I have less energy. I wish I could have bottled and saved some of that endless energy I once had.
Q. Don't we all? So Nanci what is your vision for Brazen Design Group? 
A. I would like to be on the level of the designer I mentioned earlier in the interview, Dirty Librarian Chains. I want to have a similar sourcing capacity, a staff to support my website and manage orders, and to have my designs in multiple stores and boutiques that would be really cool. But I will say I am letting things happen in their time and going with them as they happen.
Q.  Is there anything you would like the world to know about Brazen?
A. I want people to know that recycling is important. I want them to look at something less than desirable and see past its obvious value. Whether it is a pile of chains, coke cans, pallets, whatever. There can be beauty in that object if you take the time to think about re purposing it and are creative. Looking past the surface value of things is always a great way to view the world. It also allows for spiritual growth when you look for the beauty in everything you encounter. I would also like to share that this experience has taught me to maintain a great attitude about things no matter what. My customers don't care that I have only had 5 minutes to set up my booth or that I got rained on or that its cold, no they want me to smile when I am engaged with them. Lastly I would like for  everyone to be fabulous.
"Never to busy to be fabulous".

Designer Photo for the SID Fashion Show

What a lovely quote.  
Please check out Nanci's Etsy shop here
Her facebook page here
And Her website where you can learn more about she and Virginia and their schedule here



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