Monday, December 31, 2012

Real Life


You know how you have this grand idea of how you will have arrived at some form supreme enlightened adulthood by the age of 30? I've always envisioned myself as the polished chic businesswoman climbing out of her luxury German automobile 2.5 equally well quoth children off at private school, a well established understanding husband, grey cat named heather, and a partridge in a pear tree......


Well it is time for a little reality check.  Degree in field of my dreams check, ( have the student loans to prove it) business plan for my ideal fashion business check, 2 kids check, a partner in post graduate school working full time, launching a business, networking events, trips to the park in our japanese economy car, midnight feedings... etc. etc... wait wait this was SO not the vision. Lately my life has been looking a little more like this................



These days I'm lucky if the version of me that leaves the house in the morning is wearing the appropriate shoes let alone fashion forward. I have never given up my love of fashion. I still consume a steady diet of fashion blogs, fashion mags and twitter feeds, but this is just not where i pictured 30yr old me. So I have started this blog to prove to the world that  I as well as you ladies out there are 30 and fab. Please join me.

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