Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 2013

New Years Eve is infamously one of the most socially acceptable drinking occasions. Often times communal drinking is chased by hangovers. (pun intended). You know that pesky reaction your body has to your night of self induced dehydrating activities. No fears my dears. Entering stage left the fabulous combination of breakfast meets lunch. That’s right Brunch. What's a more appropriate meal? You dare not rise from your bed any earlier than 10a.m. anyway.  The meal itself is packed with energy restoring carbs, and for those of us still in a celebratory state mimosas abound. Whether you’re brave enough to face the world at one of your city’s quaintest restaurants or chicest bistro, Or if you are returning the favor to the host of the NYE party by cooking up a few tasty treats at your place. Brunch is the perfect way to kick off your New Year.



 Well that’s all well and good you may say but what to wear? I'm sure you do want to roll out of bed and go, but don’t want that to be obvious to those you encounter while you are out. No worries. Here are a few pointers to keep you looking chic with minimum effort.

 Dresses are a great way to look pulled together.  The selection of "the perfect" garment and the major component  of your look is complete.

You can go casual. Wearing a dress made of  jersey or a soft knit type of material will give you the same level of comfort and ease offered by a t-shirt/ sweat shirt  but provide the effortless chic look your going for.

Try one of these options

faux leather sleeve
maxi woven jersey

If your going for a more formal look try something that is easy to wear but that has some structure and a print. The print will add visual interest without much work on your part while the structured material keeps your form hidden underneath.

printed zara

pair w/ boyfriend cardigan and neutral loafers
issa cape back dress

The dress should offer you a great foundation to add your own personal touches with choices of shoes, opaque hosiery, outerwear and jewelery all of which can be found in your current closet. 

Happy New Year all! I can't wait to share 2013 with you all as we work towards our dreams.

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