Friday, January 25, 2013

Its all in the Details

Have you ever looked at a woman who seems to have it all together? Yes we've all noticed her when she has entered our space.  Nary a hair out of place, flawless makeup, nails impeccably manicured with her clothes perfectly tailored.

Some how we manage to pull off  silently aspiring to be just like her while evilly praying for a just a drop of her beverage to miss her lips and land squarely on the middle of her lovely assemble. Which we do only to slightly even the playing field, of course.

How does find the time to CARE we ask ourselves.

The true testament to a style maven is all in the details. So lets accessorize our life.

There are quiet a few tech items out there that work to make our lives easier. Thanks to some great designers we can now make these items fashionable too.

For your iPad




 For your iPhone


How cute are these? I love them. I also love the option of allowing everyday things make a style statement for you. Even if you aren't looking your best your design eye will still shine.

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