Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hump Day Pick Me Up

Designing Haute Couture is a dream space where wearabilty is cast aside and replaced with magical concepts partnered with unabashed creativity. 10lbs of fabric why not? Hand beaded design that takes 400hrs no problem. $1000/yd fabric of course.

 The designer is without restraint and the designs are a reflection of their inner most artistic desires realized.  Most of us don’t lead lives fabulous enough to offer up an occasion where donning  one of these looks would be appropriate but that’s what dreaming is for.  Let’s take a little trip down fantasy lane.  Hope these decadent designs help shoo away your hump day blues.
Here is video from one of my favorite Haute Couture Designers Stephane Rolland. Last year at his show he designed a 110lb dress! Talk about going for "IT".!
Happy Wednesday!!


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