Tuesday, January 8, 2013

S.A.L.E. The Four Letter Word

As we enter into our 30s we must shout a resounding Arrivederci to the habits of shopping past. These are habits we’ve been cultivating since we’ve began shopping on our own during our teen years. We remember how the fruits of our labor at our 1st afterschool job went directly into the cashiers hand at our favorite fast fashion hub. It was during these early years that we took on the mantra “More is More is More is More”. I get it ladies I promise I do.

 Let’s fast forward a few years and usher in the responsibility of mortgages, car notes, student loan repayments, insurance, wedding debt, price of children etc…. None of the items were checked off the fun list but are all a part of the responsible lives our mothers raised us to lead.  That being said you may feel even more obliged to cling to the sales rack at your oldie but goodie budget retailer. I mean when you’re not shopping for work friendly duds you want to have some fun right? WRONG!


Now that I have your attention let me expound upon my point. Now is the time to exercise a little restraint. DELAYED GRATIFICATION, We are now on the hunt for Quality over Quantity.

Delayed Gratification?( You may think I clearly don’t have a good grasp on the purpose of retail therapy)

Stay with me ladies.  Don’t let the low price on that price tag entice you into purchasing yet another poly-blend something or another to add to the 12 others YOU DON’T WEAR!!! (sorry to shout,  well kind of)

The time has come to build the bones or foundation of a chic adult wardrobe that you will proudly wear for years to come. This may mean forgoing that feel good sale find in exchange for top quality wardrobe essentials that will add to your wardrobe collection and look great paired with multiple things you currently own. It may take a little time to locate these items.  We are looking for the best quality items your budget can afford in the following categories.  Handbag, Coat, Blazer, All purpose pump, Dark denim jeans, Little Black Dress, white button up blouse, black skirt, classic trousers, statement necklace. We will go into further details on each of these items in future posts.

I have however created a list of great retailers to begin browsing/shopping for your new Haute finds.


Why they are Haute:  they provide flash sales on top designer finds at up to 60% off retail prices. There is something for every haute trentas budget.

Why they are Haute:  The little sister to the ubber fabulous offers up just as great designers pieces but at a fraction of the price. You can shop here and save up to 70% off retail

prada skirt

 Why they are Haute: This luxury online consignment store has a constant flow of authentic designer goods that no one would ever guess were pre owned. We are talking Gucci, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton for a fraction of the price one might find in a traditional brick and mortar luxury retailer.
I am not so clueless as to expect you to quit your long time diet of fast fashion cold turkey. No on the contrary, I would like to suggest an alternative.
Seeing as how we are lovers of fashion and shopping and; we must stay current and fashion forward I have also put together a list of retailers perfect for sprinkling an inexpensive trendy find into your wardrobe.
Why they are Haute:  This European retailer is a go to for straight from the runway trends. You will often see top designer influences in their garments. Their price points make you feel at ease if next year your aren’t so crazy about the sequin shorts you bought as you once were.
Why they are Haute: They have a great assortment of trendy finds and an awesome runway viewing feature that allows you to see the garment in motion before you click buy. They even have an marketplace of small boutique owners offering up even more unique affordable finds.
Why they are Haute: They have hundreds of locations world wide and have best convergence of quality and price. You wont be able to shop online in the US but if there is one in your city it definitely a great place to go for basic knits and layering pieces as well as trendy finds.


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