Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Between a Teen and a Twinset

Your Little Sister's Duds

Your Mom's Twinset

I recently had a discussion with one of my good friends where she was venting her frustration after visiting her local shopping mall. She complained that there seemed to be an overwhelming concentration of looks geared toward two types of women. The two choices available were the teeny bopper or the Grandma look, and we are not talking granny chic a la Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Fall 2012.
So what is one to do when you are trying to avoid the skin tight flimsy looks of the junior department, but are not quite ready to don a stale cardigan twin set?

I am here for you ladies. I have been doing a little research of my own hunting for designers creating fashion forward yet age appropriate collections. I have decided to feature a new designer each month that embodies the Haute Trenta Woman in their work.
First up Designer Rachel Roy
Why she’s Haute: The former stylist turned Designer is the head of two collections
The first is her two collections is the Designer RR Collection and then she offers the more affordable Rachel Rachel Roy Collection . The designer describes her design aesthetic in an interview with the Huffington Post.

"I focus my designer collection on the idea of classic with a twist' so that women can keep the garments in their closets for years and still look unique and fresh every time they wear a piece."  


Rachel’s take on the classics with a twist is precisely why she is designing for the Haute Trenta lady. By using unexpected color combos and prints she allows for one to make a quiet statement that expresses personality without intimidating anyone in the process. Her looks also act as a great foundation to add your more trendy fun pieces when a fun street style look is in order. Luckily those fun trendy pieces can be found in her Rachel Rachel Roy Collection. Rachel describes the line for the Huffington Post.
For my secondary line, I made sure everything was sold at an affordable price so that my customers also have the option of shopping in the moment without making a big investment.”
 Here is a look at a few of my current faves from the Rachel Rachel Roy Collection
Rachel does a great job updating classic pieces by using current trends. Her wrap dress/trench dress has a military influence, she turns the dreaded cardigan into a fun high low dress, and updates the trench with a fun colorful leopard print inspired basket weave design. All of these items work towards keeping you current and would look great with lots of things you may already own. I will be sure to keep an eye out for more fabulous Rachel designs to share with you guys. For now stop by her website and have a look around. She has a great archive of runway looks that is a great resource for styling tips.

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  1. any suggestions you can provide on more affordable labels? I'm a sucker for a nice dress but I can't fathom paying upwards of 120 for a dress I'll probably only wear to work, due to my lack of a social life.....